Mentoring Service

Building Terrific Teams  

  Thereby encouraging all team members to actively acknowledge the value of each individual team member and empowering teams to play a creative role    in the future planning of the service.    Contact us now to find out more about our Team Building service.

Tenant Representatives & Tenant Board Member Support

SHN have experienced facilitators with a wealth of experience in working with tenant representatives and tenant forums / boards.  Why not tap into our expertise to support your tenant representatives and board members.  We can provide individual coaching or deliver workshops on a range of relevant topics.  Let us help your organisation to score highly as a ‘tenant approved’ service.

As well as Vocational Qualifications and Training, SHN offer a range of other services to support those who work in and provide sheltered housing.

Consultancy Services to Evidence and Improve Quality Standards

SHN have supported a number of organisations through the process of  implementing, developing and testing Quality Performance Standards.  We are recognised for our skill in testing out and ensuring that organisations can evidence that they meet the requirements of external funding contracts.

Critical Friend Service.

This service provides your organisation with the opportunity to have your very own ‘Critical Friend Consultant’ who will work with you and guide you step-by-step in the development of services to meet the new contract requirements

Quality Assessment Framework Audit

SHN can provide an independent assessment prior to your organisations SP review.  The benefit of using an external source rather than conducting an internal mock assessment is that an external assessment can be seen as more objective.  

Quality Standards Assessment Toolkit - The SHN Log Book & Procedure Manual

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SHN Log Book

Customised to meet the exact requirements of your service, the SHN log book streamlines record  keeping enabling staff to make better use of their time.  An added benefit is that the recording system can be externally audited by SHN providing the service with valuable evidence of performance standards.

SHN Procedure Manual

Customised to meet the exact requirements of your service, the SHN procedure manual is renowned for it’s user friendly design and is an effective tool that enables staff to access accurate information and instruction regarding procedures in Sheltered / Supported Housing to ensure the delivery of a quality service.

Testing Out Service Provision… from the viewpoint of existing / prospective users

The views of existing and potential customers is a valuable resource in planning and developing service provision.  SHN offer a range of services to assist you to tap into the valuable resource including:

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