Peoples Perceptions and Aspirations of Sheltered Housing

A Consultation Study

conducted by

The Sheltered Housing Network

In February 2003/04 SHN carried out a research project entitled ‘People’s Perceptions and Aspirations of Sheltered Housing’ to explore the views of those who may be future clients of sheltered housing.  SHN ran a national survey of people who did not currently live in sheltered housing.  The survey was conducted by face-to-face interviews, postal and e-mail questionnaires being sent out to a range of people and also by inviting visitors to the SHN Web Site to fill in an on-line questionnaire.  The response was extremely positive with over two thousand five hundred respondents completing questionnaires.

A report of the findings of this survey was published in February 2004.  This attracted a great amount of interest from Sheltered Housing Providers, who fed back that they found it constructive and useful in assisting them to plan more appropriately in meeting the needs and requirements of future users.

As this year  is the 10th anniversary of the report, it lends itself as an ideal time to conduct a further piece of research along the same lines.  As well as being a valuable comparison to look at the changes (if any) over the ten year period, it will be a useful resource in its own right.

For this reason we have launched a further national survey entitled ‘People’s Perceptions and Aspirations of Sheltered Housing – Revisited’’.  We are looking to make contact with as many people as possible who do not currently live in sheltered housing but could be future users of the service.  

We invite you to take part by completing the attached questionnaire and/or encouraging others to do so.  Just click on the link to open the questionnaire, complete it and return it.

The research will be conducted between February – April 2014 and we aim to publish the report of findings in July 2014.