To Support - all those involved in the provision of sheltered housing

To Develop - a positive attitude towards the benefits of sheltered housing

To Promote - the professional status of staff working in sheltered housing

About Us

THE SHELTERED HOUSING NETWORK (SHN) provides services throughout the United Kingdom. And Ireland

SHN is committed to promoting the benefits of sheltered housing along with other forms of housing related support and the professional status of housing related support staff.

SHN aims to provide an information service to all involved or interested in sheltered housing. Use us to access Training and Consultancy services plus obtain and share relevant information.

Primary Intention

SHN's work and campaign to promote equality and fairness in the provision of sheltered and supported housing services confronts and challenges discrimination in housing.  SHN aims to ensure that it promotes equal opportunities in all aspects of its own policies, practices and services.  The aim of all SHN services is to improve the provision of service to those who use sheltered and supported housing and maximise the effectiveness of all who either work, live in, or are otherwise involved in sheltered and supported housing.

SHN strive to provide the highest quality service in all that we do.  

We are committed to supporting those involved in the delivery of sheltered & supported housing services in their continuing professional development

The SHN Accredited Practitioner  in Housing Related Support award provides a bench mark for professional competency and continuing professional development within the housing related support sector.  It is a unique and effective way to evidence the professional and ethical competency  of staff.

Why Us?

SHN are second to none in the field of specialist training and consultancy services within the sheltered & supported housing sector.  Our ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’ and ‘Price Promise’ provide you with assurance of the highest quality and cost competitive provision of service.

Our Consultancy and Training Team

All SHN Consultants, Trainers, Tutors and Facilitators are selected for their wealth of knowledge in their specialisms.  Along with being required to have relevant qualifications in their field of work, all SHN Associates are required to adhere to a code of ethical practice and be members of a relevant professional association.

See what our Customers say about us

At SHN we never loose sight of the value of feedback from people who use our services.  That is why we actively seek feedback on an ongoing basis from our corporate customers and individual staff / students who study through SHN.

We believe that nothing provides a clearer insight or speaks higher about our performance than the feedback we receive from our customers.  Click Here to see what they say.